A Dream of Bears and Deer and a Nazi in Training

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Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

bear7 A mama and three baby bears in my yard this summer

My world has always been colored by a love of animals, and my subconscious often sends me messages in dreams about my innermost turmoil through animal imagery.

Last night I dreamt that I looked out my kitchen window—as I do every morning—and saw a large group of bear corralling and attacking a smaller group of deer in my driveway. The dream felt so real and my fear for the deer so vivid that I woke myself before what I perceived would be certain slaughter occurred.

I shuddered, and immediately lamented that the dream used the real-life location of my driveway as opposed to a make-believe venue, because now I will get to experience that terror over and over each day until I’m lucky enough to bury it in the recesses of my mind.

That dream was followed up by…

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Doodle Bug’s Second Chance • A Dog with a Walking Disability Finds Help from her Friends


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Doodle Bug’s Second Chance

The Second Chance Series, Vol. 3

Written by Brandy Herr
Illustrated by Tamira Thayne

Doodle Bug huddled with her sisters on the cold concrete floor. They didn’t know where they were, but they knew they weren’t at home.

“Why are we here?” Doodle Bug whimpered. “Don’t they want us anymore?”

Suddenly, the light in the hallway changed as the front door opened. Doodle Bug and her sisters crammed their faces against the chain link of the kennel, desperate to see what was happening. A woman with kind eyes stopped in front of their cage, smiling sweetly down at the three sisters. Their tails began to thump…

Will Doodle Bug and her sisters get the happily-ever-after they hope for? Find out in Doodle Bug’s Second Chance, Vol. 3 of The Second Chance Series.

Based on a true story, Doodle Bug’s Second Chance is perfect for kids young and old. Who Chains You Publishing is proud to release children’s books that are fun, educational, and stand tall as a voice for the animals.

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About the Author:

Brandy Herr was born near Dallas, Texas. She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a major in public relations and a minor in theatre. She now lives in Granbury, Texas with her husband, Matthew, their rescued dogs, Pillow and Luna, and their rescued cats, Emma and Goblin. She currently has four other books available: Honey’s Second Chance, Emma’s Second Chance, Haunted Granbury, and a short story featured in the collection Nine Deadly Lives: An Anthology of Feline Fiction. Learn more about Brandy and her work on her website at AuthorBrandyHerr.com and follow her on Facebook at Facebook.com/AuthorBrandyHerr.