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WCY is Making our eBooks Ultra Affordable During this Time of COVID-19 Coronavirus “Social Distancing”

We’re offering 10 Books Per Week
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We know you’re nervous about what the next 8 weeks will bring…so are we. Many of us will get sick, and those of us who don’t may still be quarantined at home due to illness in the household or work constraints.

The authors at Who Chains You Books want to make our books accessible to ALL during this time. The best way for us to do that is to offer them in eBook format at the minimum kindle price allowable:


Rest assured, you don’t need a kindle device to read our books in kindle. All you need is a smartphone OR the tablet of your choice, including the iPad. Just download the free kindle app from your app store, use your normal Amazon login in, and you’re all set up and ready to go! Then you can choose any of our 10 weekly selections from the links below (or ALL of them), and your titles will be sent right to your kindle app reading library on your device.

We wish you all the very best during this scary time. We hope you’ll enjoy our books, and get to know some of our authors. Reach out to them through their social media, and drop them a review on Amazon. Your reviews help our authors reach a wider audience. Be safe, we’re thinking of you.

This Week’s selection Includes books for all ages, from pre-school on up. Choose from the below titles:


Rehoming Love: Tail Thumping Adventures of Happily Adopted Canines

By Kate J. Kuligowski

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Join author Kate J. Kuligowski as she brings us into the world of dog rescue through 37 heart-warming, tail-thumping episodes of the successful rescues and rehomings of an assortment of fantastic but hopeless, deserted dogs of all ages.


The Dog Thief and Other Stories

By Laura Koerber, writing as Jill Kearney

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Kirkus Reviews: “one of the best indie books of 2015.”

Author Jill Kearney writes stories drawn from her experiences as an in-home care provider and a dog rescuer in the impoverished rural southwestern corner of Washington state. “I began writing almost as a compulsion,” she said. “I met people and animals and got into situations that just demanded to be described in story form.”


Went Out to Get a Donut—Came Home With a Muffin

By Laura W. Eckroat

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Went Out to Get a Donut—Came Home With a Muffin is a happy-go-lucky, singalong story of adopting a pup named Muffin. The colorful illustrations by Greg White perfectly complement a wonderful tale that will engage our smallest readers while teaching love for our companion animals. Suitable for kids aged pre-school and up.


Oliver’s BIG Problem
Farm Tales Series: Oliver & Friends

By Stephanie Itle-Clark
Illustrated by Jessie Miller

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Oliver is one happy pig with a big personality! He loves his home, his friends, and the healthy food and exercise he gets at the farm. But Oliver did not always live on the farm. His first home was far too small!


Blessings from My Cats: How I Discovered the Boundless Joy of Caring for Wild and Domestic Strays

By Janet S. Dumas

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Blessings from My Cats provides a window into the secret lives of cats in the wild, and the surprising ways these cats demonstrate their profound appreciation for their humans on a daily basis, delighting and resonating with cat lovers of all ages.


Elyse’s Escape
Kindness to Animals Series Vol. 5

By Heather Leughmyer
Illustrated by April Pedersen

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Under the big top, Elyse was born; from birth she was trained to obey. She would travel the country, perform for the crowds, but never got to play. Her costumes were extravagant; she wore feathers on her head. But she didn’t have a family, or a warm and cozy bed…


Honey’s Second Chance

By Brandy Herr
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Honey, a beautiful golden retriever, had fallen on hard times. She spent all her days and all her nights tied to a tree in the backyard. But everything changed the day her guardian discovered her collar had cut into her neck, forcing him to make a decision about how much she actually meant to him…


The Returned: Chewy’s Story, Book One

Written by Samantha K. Riggi

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Anna and Molly had been best friends since second grade, and now the two girls ran a blog and podcast called The Returned, which helps returned shelter dogs find new, loving homes and families.

With three successful adoptions under their belts, the girls are preparing for their next adoption mission. When Chewy, a yellow labrador, is dropped at the shelter, Anna and Molly become determined to find her a happily-ever-after of her very own…


Fiona Finds Love

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By Rhonda Lucas Donald
Illustrated by Erin Nielson

They call me the trash cat. But my name is Fiona.

That’s what my family used to call me before they moved away. “She’ll be fine,” they said. “She’s a cat, after all.”

Now I’m on my own.

Foster Doggie Insanity

Foster Doggie Insanity:
Tips and Tales to Keep your Kool as a Doggie Foster Parent

By Tamira Thayne

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Have you ever fostered a dog—happy to make a difference—but wondered why you felt frustrated and alone in your experience? Do you want to foster a dog, but don’t know where to start, how to prepare, and what to expect? Have you experienced burnout or compassion fatigue in your rescue experience? If so, this is the book for you. Described as “an embrace from a friend who understands what we all go through; it is a beacon of hope to let other rescuers know they are not alone—a must-read for anyone involved in rescue.”


New from Crescent Renewal Books: The Moody Pencil, by Samantha K. Riggi

The Moody Pencil

Crescent Renewal Books presents educational and thought-provoking books that—while not animal-focused—advocate for the environment, family, and other social issues.

Who Chains You Books formed our Crescent Renewal imprint in the fall of 2017 to focus on other aspects of education that aren’t animal-related, yet do no harm. While we remain dedicated to our advocacy for animals, on occasion we take on other social and environmental titles as well—mostly for authors who have already published under our main imprint.

The Moody Pencil is a fun, education-related book, providing a light take on the school day and the “daily grind” of students and their props.


The Moody Pencil

Samantha K. Riggi
Illustrated by Richard Clark

Connor’s pencil has been acting out lately; in fact, he’s become especially moody!

When Pencil purposefully ruins Connor’s math paper AND his book about whale sharks, Connor tries to reason with him. Connor even apologizes for biting him on the butt and sharpening him roughly, but Pencil refuses to listen.

Soon Connor realizes that Pencil has run away. Will Pencil continue his life on the run? How will Connor get his work done without his friend Pencil? 

Find out in this funny take on the daily grind of the school pencil. This full-color, comic-style book is perfect for ages 7 and up, and the back and forth letters between Connor and Pencil will engage even the reluctant reader.

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About the Author

samanthariggiauthorphotoSamantha K. Riggi is an elementary school teacher with a passion for animals, the environment and writing. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, children and two old dogs. She’s the author of The Moody Pencil, The Returned Series, The Never Ending Thank You, Bravo’s Freedom, and Wesley Reece: Fourth Grade Hero.

About the Illustrator

richard1loRichard Clark is a freelance illustrator and budding game designer, based in the UK. He is a self taught artist, with years of experience creating digital art. Equipped with his sketchbook and drawing tablet, Richard enjoys painting characters that tell stories and developing games that leave lasting impressions on the player. He has helped bring to fruition mobile apps and successfully crowd-funded card games. At present, he is currently finalising his latest strategic card game, set to launch late 2019.

Richard cherishes his free time with his loving partner and two stepdaughters in their home in England. When not illustrating his next commission or scribing his next creative project, you can find him chatting to his budgies (parakeets) or taking a country walk in search of fresh inspiration. You can reach him through his website at www.snuffajuff.com.